Generative AI Controller

Generative AI Controller

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Generative AI pertains to AI systems that can generate varied content like text, images, audio, etc., based on given inputs. ServiceNow’s Generative AI Controller allows integration of this feature into existing workflows.

Benefits of Generative AI

  • Accurately answer user questions.
  • Summarize intricate details.
  • Amplify accuracy and scalability of bespoke content.
  • Elevate user experience and satisfaction.
  • Minimize misunderstandings between agents.

Is Generative AI Suitable for Your Organization?

To decide if it’s right for you, consider the following:

Ideal Criteria

  • Usage of Flow Designer or Virtual Agent.
  • Desire to cut down content creation time.

Nonideal Criteria

  • Situated outside the USA.
  • Self-hosted instances.
  • Use of mid-server for internet resource connections.
  • Operating in a regulated market.
  • Inexperience with current AI products.

Generative AI Controller App FAQs

Excited about Generative AI? Let’s dive in!

Supported Tech Leaders

  • OpenAI and Azure OpenAI.

Applications of ServiceNow GenAI Controller App

  • Summarization, Content Generation, QnA, and Generic Prompt.


  • ServiceNow does not back old versions. Require Tokyo Patch 9, Utah Patch 2+, or Vancouver onwards.
  • Entitlements like any Pro or Enterprise SKU are necessary.
  • Generative AI features are incorporated into builder interfaces such as Virtual Agent Designer, Mobile App Builder, Flow Designer, and Scripting. (Utah+ instance needed for builders).

Data Privacy

  • User data and queries are sent to OpenAI and Azure OpenAI. It’s advised to review their data privacy policies.


  • Minimized risk of hallucinations, but there’s a chance for inaccuracies. Manual review for content is recommended.

Customization Options

  • Currently, you can’t modify prompts, temperature, or token numbers.
  • Only read-only prompts available.

Supported Models

  • GPT-3 and GPT 3.5 turbo.

Cost per API Transaction

  • OpenAI: $0.002/1k tokens for GPT 3.5 turbo.
  • Azure OpenAI: $0.02/1k tokens.

Azure OpenAI Error Solutions If encountering errors with Azure OpenAI, ensure your deployment name aligns with the model name.

Azure Open AI Deployment and Model Name

Advanced AI and Data Product Data Usage — Customer FAQs

Importance of Data for AI Predictions and Outcomes At ServiceNow, the goal is to leverage purpose-built AI to simplify processes with efficient workflows. Data is pivotal for the best AI experiences. ServiceNow uses customer data responsibly to create high-quality models, especially benefitting customers engaged in model creation and testing.

Generative AI Controller App and Data Privacy When you utilize the Generative AI Controller App, ServiceNow prioritizes privacy, filtering personal information to ensure safety. This filtered data aids in refining AI/ML solutions without any data being sold or shared.

Opting Out of Data Sharing Customers can direct ServiceNow not to use the app-processed data by mailing Note: Opt-outs don’t affect previously collected data and may influence the app’s capacity to cater to specific customer needs.