Citizen Developer Application Creator Micro-Certification Guide

Citizen Developer Application Creator Micro-Certification Guide

Citizen developers are at the forefront of modern application development, especially in platforms like ServiceNow. As such, understanding key concepts is crucial. This guide provides insights into some frequently asked questions and areas of focus for the Citizen Developer Application Creator Micro-Certification.

1. Connection to Right Resources When desiring your process to connect to the right resources, and you want to leverage pre-built integrations without diving into code, the tool to use is:

  • Answer: App Engine Studio.

2. Building a Flow in Flow Designer After configuring your new flow’s properties (name and description) in Flow Designer, the immediate subsequent step is:

  • Answer: Add a trigger.

3. Coding Familiarity for Collaboration For a developer to collaborate on your new ServiceNow application, what level of coding familiarity is required?

  • Answers:
    • pro-code
    • no-code
    • Low-code

4. Setting Record Submission in Catalog Builder In which section of the catalog builder can you set the record submission table?

  • Answer: Destination.

5. Fixing Defects Across Instances Given a development environment consisting of DEV, TEST, and PROD instances, and upon discovering a defect in the TEST instance, the appropriate place to implement the fix is:

  • Answer: DEV.

6. Field Types for User Choices When is a Choice field more appropriate than a Reference field?

  • Answers:
    • When values are not stored in a table.
    • For smaller lists of values.

7. Post-Data Upload Steps Once you’ve uploaded your legacy data into ServiceNow, the next step in the import process is:

  • Answer: Preview Import Data.

8. Addressing Confusion in Application Forms To address feedback about an application form causing confusion among employees, a viable solution is:

  • Answer: Create a record Producer with Table Builder.

9. Starting Point for Applications in App Engine Studio Every application’s starting point in App Engine Studio revolves around:

  • Answer: Data.

10. Converting Spreadsheets to ServiceNow Tables If a spreadsheet used for tracking program interactions is converted into a ServiceNow table, its columns will translate to:

  • Answer: Fields.

11. Submission in App Engine Studio Upon finishing your application construction in App Engine Studio and selecting submit, the ensuing action is:

  • Answer: System Administrator reviews the applications for approval.

12. Navigating to the Development Environment To access the development environment for your application:

  • Answer: Navigate to App Engine Studio > Configuration > Environment.

13. Tutorials and Job Aids in App Engine Studio For tutorials and job aids that explain the application development process from inception to completion in App Engine Studio, one should explore:

  • Answer: RESOURCE menu.

14. Evaluating Legacy Application Conversion to ServiceNow When assessing the conversion of a legacy application to a ServiceNow Application, suitable characteristics include:

  • Answers:
    • Requires reporting capabilities.
    • Needs a workflow to manage the process.
    • Uses forms to interact with data.

15. Creating Request Tables from Spreadsheets For an organization using a SPREADSHEET to manage customer tickets, creating a request table in ServiceNow is as simple as:

  • Answer: Uploading the SPREADSHEET.