Micro-Certification – Automated Test Framework (ATF)

1. **ATF is designed to cover specific types of testing. Which types of testing are appropriate for ATF?**
* Regression Testing
* Browser Compatibility Testing

2. **ATF was Introduced to improve the verification process of a ServiceNow instance. What are the primary goals of ATF?**
* Help Customers Remain Current
* Increase Quality
* Reduce Cost of Upgrades

3. **ServiceNow Delivers baseline QuickStart Tests to help customers develop Tests Quickly. Which of the following quick start tests are delivered with Customer Service Management?**
* CSM: Create Order Case
* CSM: Escalate an Account

4. **What are the output variables for the Record Query Test Step Configuration?**
* record
* table

5. **What type of Test Step Configurations do not require a Client Test Runner to execute when incorporated into a Test?**
* Server

6. **Test Steps can provide output variables. What can you pass the values of output variables to?**
* Only the subsequent Test Step within the same Test

7. **Why should ATF Tests be unit tested within a Test Suite?**
* It is not possible to run an individual Test

8. **What is the maximum number of parent Test Suites that can be assigned to the same child Test Suite?**
* 1

9. **How many Schedules can be associated to the same Test Suite?**
* 1 to many

10. **What Type of ATF testing requires an existing Scheduled Client Test Runner to be running before initiating?**
* Scheduled Test Suites

11. **What Security Roles are delivered for ATF?**
* atf_test_admin
* atf_test_designer
* atf_ws_designer

12. **What is the period of time defined by when a Client Test Runner last communicated with the system to when it is taken from online to offline?**
* Test Runner Timeout

13. **You just added a Test Step for a Record Update. As a best practice, what Test Step should you add next?**
* Record Validation

14. **You have a test case that performs a series of steps conditionally based on a given value. What is a good alternative to avoid placing conditional logic in your Test?**
* Dynamic Record Selection

15. **You are running a test that includes many client-side Test Steps. It appears to be taking longer than expected. What can you do to improve its performance?**
* Launch only one Client Test Runner
* Ensure the Client Test Runner is active and visible

16. **What instance changes do not rollback following the completion of an ATF Test?**
* Changes to a small number of tables specified by ServiceNow
* Some asynchronous updates, depending on timing

17. **What determines if a Client Test Runner is required to run a Test?**
* If the Test contains UI Test Steps.

18. **When should a Run Server Side Script Test Step Configuration be used, rather than creating a custom Test Step Configuration?**
* For something that will not be reused by other Test Designers
* When no client-side functionality will be performed

19. **What could occur if a Test within a Test Suite fails?**
* The Test Suite Stops running
* Test Results are not produced

20. **You want to run a Test, but the Run Test Button does not appear on the Test form header. What could be the reason the Run Test Button does not appear?**
* ATF is not enabled to run Tests and Test Suites on the instance in the properties

21. **Which of the following are possible approaches to assign a Test to a Test Suite?**
* Include the Tests in child test Suites
* Assign the Tests Individually
* Assign the tests dynamically using a filter condition

22. **ATF testing results are provided at different levels. At which of the following levels can you review these results?**
* Test Suite
* Test
* Test Step

23. **As ATF Tests are migrated between instances, what is important to consider about User and Groups?**
* The sys_ids for Users and Groups must match between instances