Micro-Certification – Integration Hub exam

ServiceNow – Integration Hub exam

1. What is IntegrationHub?

A set of extensions to Flow Designer to facilitate integrations with third-party APIs

2. What are spokes?

Scoped applications containing Flow Designer content dedicated to a particular application or record type

3. What are the actions HipChat, Microsoft, and Slack used for ?

To integrate with common third-party applications

4. Integrations are built using which functionality within the Flow Designer?

External Systems

5. Besides admin, which role can configure an IntegrationHub REST step?


6. Integrations use this information to locate third-party applications, and this to access data and resources:

Connection and Credentials Aliases

7. In which place(s) can IntegrationHub spokes be created and published? (choose 3 answers)

  • ServiceNow Store
  • ServiceNow Share
  • Application Repository

8. Which of the following should be the primary use for defining a connection inline?

Testing purposes

9. Which custom integration type can be built using the Action Designer?

Code Actions

10. What is required to install the ServiceNow IntegrationHub plugin?

A separate subscription which must be activated by ServiceNow

11. Which of the following is true when IntegrationHub is not installed?

IntegrationHub selection only has more information about IntegrationHub

12. When should Orchestration be used instead of IntegrationHub?

  • Instance is running a version earlier than Kingston
  • Steps required do not yet exist in Flow Designer or IntegrationHub and they require unsupported protocols
  • An IntegrationHub spoke is not available for the target application, but an Orchestration Activity Pack is available.

13. In what release was ServiceNow no longer selling Orchestration?

New York

14. Which of the following is true when using the Script Step to make an integration call?

mid server

15. What is the benefit to a process analyst of using IntegrationHub to make an integration call?

It will not require a subscription since you wrote the script

16. What steps does a subscription to IntegrationHub add to Action Designer?

Payload Builder, REST, PowersShell, and SOAP

17. How are HipChat, Microsoft and Slack used in Flow Designer?

To integrate with common third-party applications

18. When installing IntegrationHub, who should be contacted first?

ServiceNow account manager or HI Service Portal

19. What does IntegrationHub use to run PowerShell on Windows machine inside a company network?

mid server

20. IntegrationHub is an extension of which ServiceNow feature?

Flow Designer